Resolutions and New Year 2017

food-photographs-0423Happy New Year everyone, wishing you health, peace and happiness for 2017 and look forward to your much appreciated visits and comments. This usually is the time of year we make resolutions and I for one, tend not to make them. However, since starting this food blog “food and tools” five years ago I’ve accumulated lots of “stuff.” To begin with, I already had lots of “stuff” but my little hobby has left me with bulging cupboards and shelves. Even my computer is telling disk space is full. De-cluttering and self-discipline is much needed.

I was thinking my resolution for 2017 should be… over the next twelve months no more buying cookbooks or food magazines and, no more buying kitchen paraphanellia either. I mentioned this to the kids and they immediately laughed and said “Mum, you wont last a day”… slightly exaggerated I would say! Anyways, I thought about this statement further and in my head I could hear the excuses. What if I see a quirky spoon or dish or, a kitchen gadget to die for that I may never come across again. Or, a cookbook that has the most amazing recipes. What if I travel and see souvenirs for my blog or kitchen. Oh dear… already setting myself up for failure. But seriously, I am planning on doing some decluttering, letting some food magazines and cookbooks go and making better use of the ones that stay.  And truly, do not plan on accumulating more “stuff”… well at least for the next year.

Bees and HoneyAlso, a year ago I started beekeeping and now feel I can rightfully say,  I’m (and still learning) a beekeeper. So expect to see posts about my experiences soon.

What do you think of new years reslouiotns?

6 thoughts on “Resolutions and New Year 2017

  1. Hi Moya, I have a policy of one thing in, one thing out :). With my books, I am moving them all down to B’town. Once the book case (4 metres x 3 metres) is full then all the rest go to the op shop and then the policy of one in, one out will apply to the books as well.


  2. Glenda it would be wise to follow the same policy as you seeing as I never managed to get the balance right. I will do my best to keep that in mind. Thanks for the much needed tip 🙂 and the first comment this year 🙂 🙂 Best wishes to you and Maus.


  3. Happy New Year Moya and I relate to your dilemma. I decided no more props, no more plates, use what I have and make the food the feature. I’ve begun borrowing the latest release cookbooks from my local library so I can make a judgement call about whether it’s worth buying. That has slowed down the purchases significantly. Good luck …..


    1. Best wishes Sandra 🙂 I really am going to try and do some decluttering. Not sure our library would stock many cookbooks so would have to check that out… good idea though.


  4. I did a big cook book clean out when we moved house. I went through each cookbook and marked how many recipes I would actually make in it. If it wasn’t at least 5-7, I got rid of it and just photocopied the ones I wanted. I discovered my local library has an amazing cookbook section so I borrow them now and just write out the recipes I like.


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