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In My Kitchen March 2017

imk-2017-65Since the beginning of the year renovations at home are still on going and everything is upside down at the moment. Lots of sorting out and cleaning, so not much time spent in my kitchen or getting recipes posted. But there is still time for tea and coffee with a little sweet something on the side.

In my kitchen

Love shortbread biscuits, especially when homemade. You can guess what day it was with this heart themed photo.

Pretty fish dishes picked up last year and haven’t even used them yet.

A quick vegetable soup thrown together for lunch with whatever ingredients were around in the kitchen. Leeks, onions, garlic, potato and butternut squash and some fresh bay leaf from the garden. And, some tasty za’atar scones on the side.

imk-2017-20The lovely people at Alsora, one of our local supermarkets asked me to try some new products, some require a bit of baking which I intend to do later.  Anyone tired any of these products? Also, love the handy reusable shopping bag which I usually put back into the car once I’ve unloaded the shopping, otherwise I would forget to take the bag on my next shopping trip. We use far too many plastic bags on this tiny island 😦

One our favorite desserts, warm apple torte flavored with cinnamon. I’ve been making this dessert for years and it’s probably an all-time family and friends favorite. Dollop of fresh cream on the side… delicious.

imk-2017-4900Also in the shopping bag from Alosra… a refreshing green tea with lemon and dark chocolate with cherry and almonds. I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate but with the addition of cherries and almond it wasn’t too bitter. Getting a few antioxidants on this tea break.

Well,  back to cleaning and sorting for me but hopefully it will finish soon. The smell of baking is so much better than the smell of paint 🙂

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21 thoughts on “In My Kitchen March 2017

  1. I can barely wait to see your new kitchen, Moya. Won’t it be lovely to potter around in there!? Loving the good things in your kitchen, especially the cherry almond chocolate. Happy March to you and thank you for the lovely shout out xx


    1. Happy March too Lizzy, the kitchen is not on the renovation list yet… but we are thinking about it. For now we need a break with workmen in and out and the dust and mess everywhere 🙂


  2. Your kitchen looks pretty busy even if it’s in progress…
    best, mae at


    1. Hi Nancy I would imagine that quite a few of us have some dishes in common… seeing as we all love to collect 🙂


  3. Moya, hopefully your reno days will be over soon. Such a “nourishing” post in the meantime! (Take good care of yourself, please.) I’ve got 3 re-usable bags in the back of my car at all times… one for our local market, another for a small but wonderful fresh produce store, and the third for a favorite gift shop downtown. Recycling at its finest! (I hear ya on “too many plastic bags.”) Take care, xo.


  4. Your shortbread looks delicious! And yes, fill the house with baking smells – so much better than the smell of paint!


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