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In My Kitchen April 2017

Renovations are ending and slowly getting back to things neglected, this blog being one of them. Always love to keep the monthly In My Kitchen post going so at least you know I’m still on this planet.

In my kitchen…

At a post wedding afternoon tea, guests came away with a cute tin filled with Halwa, a traditional Bahraini sweet. This sticky gelatinous and translucent sweet, sometimes mixed with nuts, quickly becomes very additive once you start eating it.

Hollowed out these large tomatoes and filled them with a tasty Moussaka, plan on sharing a recipe soon,  a great make-ahead dish for family or when entertaining.

One way of getting a chocolate fix…a slightly sweetened delicious raw cacao and coconut milk from Mylk and More, they make all sorts of fresh nut milks, some with different flavorings. When I have time enjoy making nut milks too, particularly coconut milk and cashew milk for this delicious vegan curried cauliflower soup by Dr. Weil.

Sitting pretty on my counter worktop, a gorgeous bouquet (Singapore Flowers)  for mother’s day from my lovely daughter.

Although I haven’t done much baking these past few weeks, friends have kept the sweet supplies coming with lovely chocolate caramel treats from Baby Cakes and a box of chocolates from Maya Chocolatiers.

When making homemade yoghurt, sometimes add a cup of full-fat goat milk to cows milk, the result is a yoghurt with a very mild and pleasing goat taste. We have mixed milk cheeses so why not mixed milk yoghurt. Also used a “Bolgari” starter purchased online.

A friend ask me if I could make her Kombucha, a fermented tea drink… I told her I would try, but first need to grow a “scoby”. How successful this project will be… have yet to find out. Those jars were on day one and don’t look very interesting. Do any IMK peeps make your own Kombucha… any tips to share?

In my kitchen…

Food themed magnet bookmarks for my cookbooks… never one for folding the corner pages of books… one of my pet hates.

Lizzy is the host of the monthly “In My Kitchen” round-up, do visit her blog bizzylizzysgoodthings and check out the list of other lovely bloggers. They too love to showcase their kitchen treasures and tasty bites.

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen April 2017

  1. Hi Moya, happy April to you and thank you for the very kind shout out! You have some great things in your kitchen this month. Loving those wedding sweets, how exquisite! And those bookmarks. Perfect for cooks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lizzy, wouldn’t be without lots of bookmarks in my kitchen and definitely handy. Have a wonderful April too 🙂


  3. Your bookmarks look quite practical! I mostly use scraps of paper, when I’m not reading an e-book.

    best… mae at


  4. Hi Moya, glad I found you. Love to connect with bloggers in Middle East as I used to live there.. Good idea on mixing goat and cow milk for mild tasting yogurt. I must try this.Haven’t got around with kombucha yet…x


    1. So happy you stopped by and I am sure you have many lovely memories of the middle east. Hope you give the yoghurt a try… let me know if you do. It takes time to make kombucha but do love its sweet tart flavour 🙂


  5. I love the magnetic bookmarks, what a brilliant idea! I’ll be heading over to checked the stuffed tomato recipe now, can’t wait until our tomatoes start growing.


  6. Moya, I loved that you sent the wedding guests home with an edible treat. Pretty tins, too! Also enjoyed your chocolate-y photo collage. I’m a bit late in commenting on IMK and saw you posted your moussaka stuffed tomatoes recipe in the meantime. YAY! Will be checking that out after this.


  7. I love those bookmarks Moyà. So cute. I know nothing much of kambucha. I think the naturopath gave one to hubby once to grow and drink. Not tasty 🙂


    1. Hi Sherry, the kombucha I’ve tasted before was really lovely, the balance between sweet and tart was so refreshing. My first attempt was not bad but still some tweaking to do 🙂


    1. So far, happy with the results. Hopefully will do a post on Kombucha at some point. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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