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In My Kitchen May 2017

Oh my… still not caught up, plenty has passed through my kitchen this past month but not managed to document much. I’ve had delicious sourdough bread baked on a preheated pizza stone, sometimes use a Dutch oven to bake my sourdough bread in.. but it’s so heavy. Plan on getting an enamel baking dish as its much lighter and I’ve seen you IMK ladies have great success with it.

There are always some type of leafy greens in my fridge as we love to eat lots of salads. But this time around had more than usual courtesy of Peninsula farms… an amazing local hydroponic farm. I’ve been wanting to organize a visit for ages and finally managed to do so. Bahrain relies on imported produce so it’s wonderful to know this farm is growing local produce to supply our market with.

Peninsula farms grow a wonderful variety of salad leaves, a variety of baby tomatoes, kale, baby bok choy, bell peppers, micro greens and large chilies. Pretty amazing when you consider it’s all grown on a desert island. Colcannon is an Irish dish I love to make using kale… the kale is sautéed in a little seasoned butter and then mixed through some fluffy mashed potatoes… comfort food at its best.

On a lighter note… a shot of cold pressed juice made with kale, apple and ginger is a healthy kick-start to any morning. I changed over to a cold pressed juicer a few years back… one of the best juicing decisions I ever made.

Baked some old-fashioned cherry, coconut slices for the freezer and updated a recipe using a locally branded Swiss dark chocolate flavored with coffee (from Bare) for the chocolate layer underneath. Mum made these family favorites using plain dark chocolate when we were growing up and would keep some in the freezer, something I’ve continued to do too. As you can see,  the photo was at the prepping stage but a recipe is soon to follow 🙂

The torch for the popular In My Kitchen monthly theme is now in the hands of our new host, Sherry from  So if you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s  blog and check out all the other IMK participants.

23 thoughts on “In My Kitchen May 2017

    1. Thank you Liz, I love the texture and flavor of sourdough bread and love making it. Still have my sourdough starter on the go… two years now 🙂


  1. Look at all that lovely produce Moya. the kale is fairly bursting out of the screen:) Your bread looks marvellous and the juice looks like it would clean out your innards no worries. See you next month. x


  2. your choice to take photos of individual leaves makes for very nice photos. Happy eating!

    best… mae at


  3. I love leafy greens too but don’t see too many photos that look as enticing as yours. It’s wonderful that they are grown locally. Cold pressed juices are the best, although my mine’s a devil to clean😀


    1. Thank you Sandra, yes I know what you mean about cleaning juicers. Mine is not too bad but there is never just one part to clean 🙂


  4. What a stunning array of leafy greens, something I wouldn’t expect considering Bahrain’s environment. Your sourdough shows beautiful texture.


  5. I’ll admit it – when I saw the thumbnail of the sourdough, I thought it was Celia’s from Fig Jam. Looks pretty impressive. Those cherries look particularly luscious – they must be excellent quality. AS to colcannon… I love it too!

    I’m back from a break from blogging and reading blogs so enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing..


    1. I have Celia to thank for kickstarting my love of sourdough bread… and I am sure many others have too. Happy blogging once again. I have been away these past few week too 🙂


  6. I’m glad you mentioned Colcannan,- I have way too much Kale and this sounds like a good dish to whip up. What is a cold pressed juicer? I have never made juices but yours looks so inviting I might have to give some a go.
    Beautiful photos, as always.


    1. Francesca, a cold press juicer (the brand I have is Hurom) crushes and presses out the juice. It’s a much slower process unlike the old centrifugal juicer that had a fast spinning metal blade creating heat, destroying some of the enzymes when juicing fruits and vegetables. The difference in color and taste of the juice is very different… worth looking into if you every start juicing 🙂

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  7. Moya, my thoughts after reading your post seem to echo the comments of everyone else… fabulous looking sourdough, gorgeous produce photos, and “Colcannan” oh my! 🙂 I also loved that you ended with dessert “in progress” and the story about your Mum, xo. Looks to me like you’re carrying on a “sweet” tradition and living a wonderfully balanced, healthy life!


    1. Thank you Kim… I do have a bit of a sweet tooth but try to keep it in check… not always very successful though 🙂


  8. Your sourdough is gorgeous. I alternate between using a pizza stone, cast iron dutch oven and enamel roaster. It depends on mood and how many loaves I’m baking! All your produce looks fantastic, nice to know you can get it grown locally now.


  9. I love your new look blog Moya, very nice & clean 🙂 I must say Moya, that sourdough looks amazing. I wish I could get mine to look like that. Lovely fresh produce too in your kitchen this month xx


    1. Thank you Nichole, love the look of your blog too, you’ve also had some changes. It took a little practice with making sourdough but once you get into the rhythm it get easier 🙂

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