In My Kitchen August 2017

In my kitchen this August… homely cakes are a favorite and this fresh raspberry, yoghurt and lemon loaf cake goes perfectly with a nice cup of tea.

A cherry pitter is a handy gadget that easily removes stones. You can now buy ones with splash guards, I don’t intend to up-date mine (unless by mistake, I throw it out with the stones), I just wear an apron. It’s also good for removing stones from olives.

Using up my dwindling supply of last years dates and lining tart tins and a mini patty tin with date and nut pastry… easy to make and intend posting a recipe soon.

With overripe bananas I usually make a banana cake and bake it in one of my nordic bundt pans…this time I used the cathedral cake pan, they always look so impressive when turned out.

I’ve been successfully making kombucha these past few months and once you get into the routine of making this fermented tea, it’s pretty easy. The tart-sweet taste is very refreshing and you can make all sorts of flavors using herbs and fruits in the second ferment. You can see an aerial view of my scoby, a gelatinous disc of bacteria and yeast that covers the entire surface of the jar its grown in. The book “living tea” has lovely recipes that would inspire anyone who loves making this fermented drink. Pear and ginger, plum and thyme and apple mint cooler… will test some of these recipes soon.

Baking bread is so gratifying and I especially love homemade brown breads. Delighted when I came across einkorn wholemeal flour in one of our supermarkets. I had a recipe in one of my cookbooks which used this particular flour, so I snatched the last bag. Really gorgeous bread that makes fabulous toast and delicious when spread with Amy’s homemade lemon curd. Now, the waiting game until the supermarket stocks einkorn flour once again.

The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry, from If you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s blog and check out all the other IMK participants.

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen August 2017

    1. They are costly here too Glenda and imported. I don’t buy them all the time and often make this cake without them. Bahrain is pretty good, we have a great variety of food stuffs 🙂


  1. A splash-guarded cherry pitter sounds great. I lost mine — but when I used to pit cherries with it the splashes sometimes reached far walls and even the ceiling of the kitchen, or the back or the computer on the kitchen desk. Your raspberry cake looks yummy.

    best… mae at


  2. Moya, I’ve never tried kombucha, but your flavor combinations are tempting me to try it. I also loved your reference to aprons. I have a delightful selection again thanks to some “post fire” replacements and the generous heart of a friend — now on display “IMK” and in my laundry room where they lighten my “load” considerably. 🙂 (Photos next month, hopefully?) Your lemon loaf cake and brown bread are also immensely appealing. Lovely post!


    1. Thank you Kim, most likely you will find kombucha in a health food store or in the health section of large supermarkets. Glad that dreadful time is in the past and the comforting memories as you say, lighten your load 🙂


  3. Moya, I’m fantasising about fresh cherries now! Love the pitter with the splash guard. Great idea! I don’t think I’m playing IMK this time (first time I’ve missed it in years), but I must write about my aprons at some stage. Thanks for the peek and happy cooking xx


  4. hi Moya
    that loaf cake looks really delicious. i love that combo of lemon and raspberry too. and what about that bundt pan – so gorgeous. it’s funny i have seen a few in posts lately. not sure about kombucha – i am not a tea drinker at all. someone gave us a mother – a scoby?- years ago but sadly we let it die.thanks so much for joining in IMK this month. cheers sherry


    1. You welcome Sherry, always look forward to the IMK post 🙂 Kombucha tastes nothing like tea, more like a tart-sweet like apple vinegar… in my opinion. You could easily get another scoby if you know someone who makes their own brew and give it a try.


  5. Wish I could find Einkorn flour here, it’s fantastic in breads. The lemon and raspberry cake calls to me right now, one of my favorite flavor combinations. I have that cathedral pan too and absolutely love it!


    1. Gretchen, the problem with living on an Island is once a product disappears of the supermarket shelves it could be months before we see it back in stock. Ive made this loaf a few time now and love it. The bundt pans are lovely 🙂

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