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In My Kitchen October 2018

I’ve been absent for a while and had not expected to travel as long. Had planned to write-up one or two blog posts before leaving but unfortunately never got that organized 🙂 That said, we had a lovely summer ( I hope you did too) catching up with family and friends. The weather was good to us, plenty of sunshine with little or no rain and we managed lots of walking. Now that I’m back, looking forward to the cooler months ahead and hopefully planting some fresh herbs again as our searing summer heat dried them to a cinder. So beginning October, my “In My Kitchen” post.

In My Kitchen…

Dried herbs are both handy and convenient when fresh is not available and I like having some stocked in my kitchen.  Bought from various markets, the sage and bay leaves are particularly fragrant but the aroma of the wild oregano is milder than I expected. Might use the dried fennel for a herbal drink.  Also like having a little stash of red peppercorns (also called pink), love their sweet and mild peppery taste. Do you have a favorite dried herb in your kitchen?

These gorgeous pieces of handmade pottery are from Nom Living’s rustic stoneware collection, they had so many beautiful pieces but had to stop myself from getting carried away. Will visit again when next in the UK. It’s always a risk carrying breakables in your suitcase but so far managed to get everything back in one piece.

My kids and husband never liked jelly and tried to sway them with this old-fashioned recipe my mother would make using jelly (with added cream and strawberries), but unfortunately… I’m still the only jelly fan in the house. Like me, do you love the retro look of old-fashioned jelly moulds?

Had these cherries all to myself as I’m the only cherry fan in the house, deliciously sweet, petty as a picture and perfect fruit for snacking on. And, my favorite kitchen tool for removing their stones… not wanting to risk breaking a tooth.

You can never have enough spoons! Found this decorative vintage spoon at a market, apparently it’s used for serving jam… somehow found myself needing one.

And, if you ever visit Laguiole in France, you will find it impossible to come away without buying one of their beautiful knives. This folding knife is handmade and the wood on the handle is pistachio wood.  

A new french ceramic garlic grater and an old brush from a previous broken grater…  a perfect match seeing as the new grater didn’t come with one. Just as well I didn’t throw the brush out.

This Brown Bread with Oatmeal and Sunflower Seeds  is one of our favorites. This time baked it in a nut roll tin… thought it made a nice change from the usual loaf tin. We enjoyed this homely bread lightly buttered, topped with slices of smoked salmon, capers, thinly sliced onions and finished with a squeeze of lemon juice. If I have a few micro greens growing then I’ll  scatter a few on top as a garnish. This brown bread is also delicious with home beetroot-cured salmon served as canapés.

The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry, from If you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s blog and check out all the other IMK participants.

20 thoughts on “In My Kitchen October 2018

  1. hi Moya
    thanks for joining us in IMK land. i’ve never seen one of those little brushes with the grater before. what a great idea! I like to use the lightly dried herbs you can buy at the supermarket these days – chives. parsley, basil and coriander etc. so handy and they don’t go to waste in the back of my fridge:) Love the pottery you have there. Neutral colours are very ‘in’ lately. I do love jelly moulds but i don’t like jelly! i used to make that flummery recipe- with jelly and evaporated milk so it formed 2 layers when i was a youngster. probably wouldn’t like it now tho. Gorgeous jam spoon too. I have a folding Laguiole knife in my handbag at all times. i have to remember to take it out whenever i go to the airport! Have a great october. cheers sherry x

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    1. Your welcome Sherry, glad I didn’t throw out the little brush as it came in handy with the new grater. Actually the jelly recipe is quite nice, we used fresh cream but I have seen similar recipes using evaporated. Glad you remember to remove your Laguiole knife from your handbags before flying, you wouldn’t want to loose that one 🙂


    1. Thank you Debi, the nut roll tins are hard to find but am sure eBay might help. I have used biscuits tins (cylindrical) with great success and Yotam Ottolenghi uses tin cans as well. Happy hunting 🙂


  2. Moya, I’m fond of bay leaves but the ones I’m able to obtain at our local market pale in comparison to your freshly dried ones. Still, I love the flavor they impart in everything from poaching liquid for fish (Court Bouillon) to soups and stews. If you need someone else to enjoy those cherries with you, pick me! I finally ordered a cherry pitter this summer and it’s one of the best kitchen gadgets I own. Your brown bread with smoked salmon is also calling my name. 🙂 Lovely photos and interesting post!

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    1. Thank you Kim, I had a lovely bay plant growing but unfortunately it succumbed to the summer heat. These dried bay leaves do look much greener than ones I have bought before, very fragrant. Maybe over time the color will fade, I do love their flavor too.


      1. Moya, I simmered a batch of fish fillets yesterday in a broth with my “dried-out- looking” bay leaves (and a few other seasonings) and the results were fantastic. I also got out my cherry pitter to “de-pit” some Castlevetrano olives I brought home on Monday. (Bonus points for multi-purpose kitchen gadgets!) If it’s any consolation, my hubby killed off my herb crop for the third year in a row (!) by forgetting to water them while I was away. They were waaay past “dried” LOL! Every day is a new adventure — and good cooks know how to make the most of them. 🙂 xo

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        1. Hooray for the bay leaves and the multipurpose cherry pitter… nothing sitting idle in your kitchen Kim. I think you might want to send hubby gentle reminders when your away next time 😊


  3. so many beautiful things in your kitchen – you must have had some interesting travels. I would give the jelly a miss, much as it is a beauty when made in a mould like yours, but I would fight you for cherries – I love them and also love my cherry pitter. That spoon and knife makes me admire the craftsmanship that makes something so mundane something to be so admired. And your bread looks amazing – the sort I would like to make if not living with a little girl who does not like “bits”. Enjoy the cooler weather

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    1. Hi Johanna, tired to leave a comment on your blog but not sure you are receiving them… cool worm farm by the way 🙂 The beauty of craftsmanship… so much talent in the world. Maybe you could leave out the bits in the bread for your little one. We are so looking forward to the cooler months ahead 🙂


  4. Ah, your photographs…..Amazing…..I need to look for a ceramic garlic grater. I’ve never seen one before. Glad you enjoyed your holiday! Happy October!

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    1. Thank you Eliot, you might be able to buy a french garlic grater online, although not necessary they are pretty 🙂 Happy October to you too.


  5. Your creamy gelatine mould looks delicate and pretty, a bit like panna cotta. Too bad the family is on a different page from you! All your kitchen toys are very intriguing!

    best… mae at

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    1. I do love the cylindrical shape of cakes baked in these tins. Me too Tina… love seeing what treasures everyone has in their kitchens 😊 Thanks for stopping by.


  6. The vintage spoon is a delight. How lucky you are to be the only cherry lover and to be able to enjoy the (cherry?) jam with it, all by yourself. The stoneware is very nice indeed – it’s very expensive in Australia. I always look but never invest as I can’t help but think about all of that 70’s pottery that ended up in op shops in the 1980’s. I have many vintage glass jelly moulds. I a bit of a collector. I have to say though, my favourite is a delightful cream china one made by Wedgewood with the print ‘Sarah’s Garden’ on it.


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