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Fresh Sprouted Seeds

Red Cabbage SproutsSprouting seeds at home couldn’t be simpler, all you need is a sprouting dish, tray or jar, some seeds and water. There’s plenty of information on the web but you might like to pop over to cultures for health and read how to start sprouting  if it’s something you haven’t tried before. Years ago I had a stackable sprouting tray but found it really awkward to use, gave up in the end… can’t even remember what I did with it.

When I came across this glass dish with a wire mesh on my travels it inspired an urge to start sprouting again. Now I don’t plan on going mad and start sprouting all over the place but I love the simplicity of this sprouting container. As the dish sits on my kitchen worktop I enjoy seeing how quickly the seeds grow vertically into little edible plants. At present experimenting with a few sprouting seed packets and so far, delighted with the results.

Cress SproutsHow long it takes the seeds to sprout and grow depends on the warmth of your kitchen and the type of seed. Both the red cabbage seeds and cress seeds were ready in about 5 days, it mentions on the packet they can take up to 10 days. These tiny crisp plants are packed full of nutrients and make beautiful garnishes on food or you could add them to salads and sandwiches too. I can imagine the red cabbage sprouts would be delicious in these healthy prawn and golden kiwi rolls or scattered over this asian style prawn salad. And the cress would make a spicy crisp garnish for this curried cauliflower soup or prawns with fresh mango chutney.

My only regret is I didn’t buy two glass sprouting containers as I can’t seem to find the same one online… but I will look out for another. If you enjoy fresh salads and vegetables you will surely love sprouted seeds. This sprouting dish inspired me and I hope this post inspires you. Happy sprouting 🙂





2 thoughts on “Fresh Sprouted Seeds

  1. Hi Moya, I am back in the land of the living …. I love your sprouting dish. We eat a lot of sprouts, I think I will look out for a similar one.


    1. Glad to hear Glenda, guess life gets in the way sometimes 🙂 I really wish I’d bought two of those sprouting dishes at the time. I have seen one by Tescoma on amazon but they are out of stock. Maybe you will have better luck. Happy sprouting.


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