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In My Kitchen June 2019

fish scaler

In My Kitchen…it’s been awhile and it happens… you fall from the flow of blogging and recipe writing. A full and slow computer hasn’t helped matters either and I’m trying to resolve these issues. Why do computer up-dates make matters worse!  Anyways, I really could go on a rant… but much prefer getting around to what’s in my kitchen this June and of course, checking out treasures and goodies in other kitchen too.

A few bits and pieces In My Kitchen…

The only time we use this fish scaler is when the men have gone on a fishing trip and come back with a fresh catch… then it’s pretty handy to have one around. Mind you, if you’ve ever scaled a fish you’ll find fish scales get everywhere. 


One of the last cookbooks bought from our lovely cookbook store that sadly closed its doors, and this also brought an end to our wonderful cookbook club gatherings.

Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast makes a lovely early morning read (plenty of information) when all is quiet in the kitchen. I’ve yet to delve into the recipe section of this book and look forward to trying some of his recipes. Have any of you lovely peeps tried this book?

ingredientsIn My Kitchen…

Some lovely authentic  products from Palestine bought at a local pop-up event. Added another wooden maamoul mould to my collection.

Had to restrain myself and buy only one of these beautiful handmade ceramic plates because I knew there will be other visits.

Delicious apricot and fig jam, olive oil, pomegranate syrup and a bag of za’atar. Love using za’atar with these favorite recipes, aubergine cheesecake and homemade savory scones.

Freshly roasted coffee beans stored in this clever airtight container by “Prepara”. As you push the lid down into the glass jar, air is pushed out through oneway valves in the lid creating a tight vacuum and keeping the coffee beans fresh. 

bundt tin

In My Kitchen…

Can’t help but fall in love with a bundt tin which transforms a plain cake into a master piece. A simple dusting of powdered sugar using a tea leaf infuser is all that is needed. One thing I’ve learned over the years… do not go lightly when greasing these decorative tins.

In My Kitchen…

A recent visit to Cyprus and space in the suitcase that needed filling with a lovely olive wood serving board and olive dish. We also use lots of sea salt and olive oil (the one from Spain was a lovely gift) with cooking and you can never have enough.

Although I knew of carob products… this was the first time buying carob syrup and powder. I’ve yet to experiment, so any tips are welcome. In my opinion carob tastes nothing like chocolate… what do you think? 

focaccia with rosemary

In My Kitchen…

Rosemary was the ingredient of the month  for my cooking challenge over on instagram, one of the recipes made using rosemary was this delicious Salted Caramel Focaccia with candied orange, I posted this recipe some years back and hadn’t made it for some time. Perfect for late weekend breakfast.

The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry, from If you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s blog and check out all the other IMK participants.

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen June 2019

  1. Hi Moya,
    I do get your comments, and hope your software barrier will let mine in. I brought za’atar back from Israel on my last visit, as well as other spices. I love the spices of the Middle East, as you seem also to do. My husband is the bread-baker and he uses the Forkish book often.

    best, mae at


    1. Hi Mae, good to know you’re receiving my comments 🙂 Lovely to have a husband that makes bread, looking forward to using some of the recipes from the same cookbook.


  2. Moya, that bundt tin photo is amazing! I am going to ‘steal’ the idea from you. Love your fish scaler – so much prettier than the one I have. I have never worked with carob products, but I do agree, they are not chocolate!


  3. crumbs this is weird. 2 of my comments were showing here yesterday but now they’ve both gone! love the bundt tin and the fish scaler. not a fan of carob i must say. it’s not like chocolate is it?:-) hope this goes thru. cheers sherry


    1. Hi Sherry , I’ve no idea what’s happening with the comments at the moment will have to try and sort it with WordPress. I too am having trouble commenting on a few other blogs.


  4. Your items this month are just lovely and your photography is fantastic. Really beautiful!


    1. Hi Fiona sometimes I wish I had never updated my computer… it has gotten so slow so it’s a bit frustrating. Also I have no idea why I found your comments pending as you’ve commented here before? I have used the maamoul mould many times, you need to lightly dust them with flour and when turing out the cookie, a sharp rap on the work surface should release it from the mould. I too have ones to make moon cakes but so far have never used those moulds either. But I am sure one day I will get around to it. 🙂


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