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In My Kitchen September 2015

Tea InfuserHoping September will bring much-needed cooler temperatures to our Island, last month was the hottest on record and those of us that didn’t leave for the summer felt the scorching heat and very humid weather. Continue reading “In My Kitchen September 2015”

in my kitchen

In My Kitchen August 2015

IMK-August_2015 Dates Eggs Bowls Limes
In my kitchen we’ve had lots of fresh dates from our garden date palms and many have been given to family and friends. Snipped from a branch, these fresh dates are called Al-Khoneizy and are ready to eat. To keep a supply of dates to enjoy throughout the year, we will leave the rest of the dates on the date palm to dry for about a month before picking. One of my favorite date recipes is this easy date and banana dessert, it only takes minutes to prepare and handy if you need to entertain on short notice. Continue reading “In My Kitchen August 2015”


In My Kitchen July 2015

Spinach, grape,cucumber juice_IMK July 2015In my kitchen I find I am making more use of my cold press juicer than my old centrifugal one. In my opinion, the cold-pressed juice tastes far superior. It can also handle juicing leafy greens and herbs more effectively. Here we have cold-pressed spinach, cucumber and grapes… not a bad way to kick-start the day. Continue reading “In My Kitchen July 2015”