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Panna Cotta flavored with Orange and Amaretto served with Blueberry Compote & Master Chef Bahrain

Panna Cotta-Orange-Amaretto-Blueberry Compote-0544
Recently I have tasted lots of savoury Italian dishes and now crave something silky, creamy and sweet. Keeping the theme Italian, decided to make panna cotta, flavouring the cooked cream with orange zest and Amaretto, a delicious sweet almond-flavored Italian liqueur. As fresh berries pair well with panna cotta, went for a blueberry compote. Continue reading

Pomegranate Granita with Sugar Frosted Mint Leaves

Pomegranate Granita with Sugar Frosted Mint Leaves

Bring a frosty wintery feel to your next special dinner party menu and serve Pomegranate Granita with Sugar Frosted Mint Leaves in chilled shot glasses. This intensely flavored fruit granita can be served as a refreshing palate cleanser between courses or, as a light and cooling dessert after a heavy main course. The good thing is… you can make everything in advance and it’s all super-easy to do.

No special equipment is required to churn the granita and to make the characteristic granular look, simply rake the frozen fruit juice with the tines of a fork. The natural sweetness from the pomegranate juice and sugar gives this granita a lovely soft slushy texture. Continue reading

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