A Postcard from New Zealand

Loved the drives through the vast and beautiful countryside of New Zealand. Can’t resist a quick pic of some cattle grazing in the fields… must be the country girl in me.

Managed to visit kiwi360 and hang out with lots of kiwis, one of them was called Simon, our tour guide. Next month these delicious golden and green kiwis will be picked and shipped to markets all over the world.

The beautiful and very friendly town of Taupo where hubby took part in the Ironman New Zealand. They had a tough day with some harsh weather conditions half way through the race which left lots of spectators running for shelter. Despite this, the race went well and hubby was pleased with his timings.
Cheers from beautiful New Zealand xx

4 thoughts on “A Postcard from New Zealand

    1. Sorry Amy I only spotted your comment now, as I found it in the spam folder… no idea why! Yes New Zealand is very beautiful. We stayed around Taupo where the Ironman race was held and explored the surrounding area… lots of countryside. We also visited Auckland for a day before heading to Hong Kong. Hope you are well and will start blogging soon. 🙂


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