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In My Kitchen March 2015

IMK_March_2015 Creme BrûléeIn my kitchen this month I have been experimenting with tea. We enjoyed a lovely crème brûlée, infused with a combination of flavours Earl Grey, orange zest and lavender which was quite delicious. Love serving each portion in small espresso cups or shot glasses when entertaining. Carrot, Apple and Orange Juice with Kayo Green Juiced some carrot, apple and orange and mixed in some  Kyo-Green for a final boost of energy, we are on our way to New Zealand. Hubby is taking part in Ironman New Zealand (he did Melbourne last year) and of course I will be standing by to cheer him on. Always exciting visiting new places and of course will send you a postcard.Sourdough Starter and Bread Priscilla number three finally arrived and thanks to Celia I’ve managed to bake a few sourdough loaves that I am very proud off. I’ve left “Sabr” in the fridge and have given her a good feed before I travelled. I have stuck a note on the fridge for myself, to “feed Sabr” when I return.In My Kitchen_March_2015_ Lemon Tea Cupcake More tea in my kitchen and this time used a strong brew of breakfast tea to make these lovely Lemon Tea Cupcakes with a Frosted Mint Leaf on top. Afternoon tea is always a good time to take out some pretty little cake forks.Chopping knife_Basket_Balasmic Vinegar In my kitchen I have a new knife, basket and some balsamic vinegar (eaten the pasta, garlic and tomatoes), these were part of a cool and creative invite from the guys at Nino restaurant, Bahrain. Celebrating the opening of their second branch, they also held a “Chopped At Nino” cooking event that evening which was good fun.Lemon Polenta Cake This Lemon Polenta Cake is another favorite of ours and although it is perfect to have with a nice cup of coffee, it can also double up as a desert cake served with softly whipped cream a fresh blueberry compote. Once again joining up with the lovely host Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and other bloggers from around the globe for the monthly “In My Kitchen” posts, showcasing all our kitchen treasures and delicious food.

29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen March 2015

  1. I love your quirky cutlery and the colours of those beverages are beautiful! I’m excited for when I do my first loaf from the spawn of Priscilla!


  2. Good luck with Sabr! We have just started using our own Priscilla offspring, Pussy Galoaf and have loved the loaves so far!


    1. Thank you Kavey, it seems that we are all turning out fabulous sourdough loaves from Priscilla 🙂 Great that you stopped by.


    1. Creme brûlée always looks fabulous served in small espresso cups and there are many flavours to experiment with. Thanks for stopping by Anne 🙂


  3. It’s a small world isn’t it? My daughter was telling me this morning that she knows someone who is doing the New Zealand Iron man, a young woman originally from Devon, where my daughter lives. My daughter is doing the Barcelona Iron man next October,her first one. I also have some of Priscilla’s offspring, making bread from it today, hope it is as good as yours!
    Good luck to your husband, I hope he does his PB!


    1. Jeannette it is a small world. Good luck to your daughter for her first Ironman, I admire anyone who takes on this grueling challenge. I guess she will be loading up on plenty of carbs during training and your sourdough loaves will disappear fast. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  4. It all looks so wonderful, especially the crème brulee and polenta cake. I love the little tea fork as well. My Priscilla starter arrived, then less than a week the second arrived! Sent about a month apart but arrived close together, at least it didn’t take a third for me. Glad you are enjoying your sourdough, so are we.


  5. Hi Moya… that creme brulee has my mouth watering, that’s for sure… there are so many beautiful things in your kitchen! Happy cooking lovely!


  6. Moya, your lemon polenta cake looks A-may-zing!! Do you have a recipe for that or is it a family secret? 😉 I’m having a party this weekend and that would be just perfect! Thank you for sharing IMK x


    1. Hi Nichole, sent you an email, the recipe is based on Nigella Lawson’s polenta cake. It’s really delicious and hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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      1. Hi Moya, sorry for not getting back to you sooner – my month has been crazy! Would you please be able to send me that recipe again as I don’t think I received it 😦 Can’t wait to try it – yumm!


  7. I love scented Creme Brûlée, I’m not a fan of Earl Grey, but I’m sure yours tasted delicious! I’m glad your sourdough is working yes, I often forget to feed mine, but fine that tif I feed it and leave it out for a few days that it pumps right back up! Thanks lemon and polenta cake does look divine! Thanks for sharing! Liz xx


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