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Claws Seafood Night at The Westin City Center Bahrain

Westin Hotel Seafood Night-8I haven’t been around so much seafood since my last visit to the local fish market. If you have a craving for all things seafood, you might want to visit “Claws” seafood night at Saveur in The Westin City Center, Bahrain.

Westin Hotel Seafood Night-9Fresh clams, crab, tuna, oysters, prawns, salmon, crayfish and local fish are some of your choices. Chef Ilango and his team of chefs are only happy to prepare and cook your favorite fish any style or have suggestions if you’re finding it difficult to decide. Sometimes buffets are a little overwhelming. You also have an array of tempting appetizer’s, mains and salads.
Westin Hotel Seafood Night-2Prompted to pour a shallot dressing over a large scallop instead of lemon juice.. was a flavorsome suggestion. Some delicious appetizers I enjoyed were, Seafood Salad with Konbu, Maguro No Tataki and the Poached Sea Bream. One of the mains I particular enjoyed was the Chilli Lobster with Spring Onion and also the Asian Hammour.

Westin Hotel Seafood Night-2-2Chocoholics will love the chocolate themed dessert room and having left little room for dessert I managed to indulge in a small chocolate mousse. Of course there where many more chocolate desserts from cakes to puddings, including a flowing fountain of chocolate. Fellow blogger Georgina from Blonde in Bahrain decided to photobomb the display of meringues 🙂

Westin Hotel Seafood Night-6In the cheese room, a nice selection of cheeses on offer but on this occasion the chocolate dessert took preference. A delicious mid-week treat that could easily tie-in with a day’s shopping.

Disclaimer: Invited as a guest to try “Claws” Seafood Night at The Westin City Centre Bahrain. On Wednesday’s from 7pm – 11pm at Saveur.

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