Monthly Archives: January 2016

Hasselback Courgettes with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Cheese

Hassleback CourgettesWhen I first came across this small hasselback cutting board in a kitchen shop I had thought a soap dish had found it’s way into a box of kitchen gadgets I was rummaging through. With no packaging around it and no soap sold on the premises, I decided to ask what this wooden thing was for and this was my first introduction to a dedicated Swedish hasselback cutting board. Continue reading

Feed Your Face with a Chamomile and Honey Mask

Chamomile and Honey Face MaskSomething a little different this time around with a recipe to pamper yourself using ingredients that may already be in your kitchen. Feeding my face with some natural ingredients like chamomile, honey and oatmeal  as a facial mask, is something I like to do now and then. Continue reading

Honey and Lemon Hot Toddy

Honey Drink-1508-2It seems colds and sore throats are going around and our house has not escaped the seasonal aliments of our cooler climate. When I was a kid my Dad would make us a hot concoction of honey and lemon juice at bedtime and when we were older a little whiskey or brandy added… he was a great believer in this remedy for colds and flues and said it would make us feel better. Continue reading

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