In My Kitchen December 2019

Squeezing in an “In My Kitchen” post before the year end, which of course is only a few weeks away. Many items passed through my kitchen these past months but only managed to photograph a few. Hopefully throughout the new year this blog won’t be as static as in the past. Also, my computer needs a sort out as it has gotten so slow which is quite annoying, some my fault for accumulating so many images and the woes of an aging computer. 

Before showcasing a few bits and pieces from my kitchen, would like to wish all my lovely readers and followers a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous new year. I am sure some bloggers will acquire some new kitchen gadgets as gifts and look forward to seeing them on your next “In My Kitchen Post”

In My Kitchen…

Managed to organize myself early last month and make a large jar of mince filling for our mince pies and also make my Christmas fruit cake and Christmas pudding. Nowadays you can buy some good quality cakes and puddings but Ive always enjoyed the rituals of making my own, even though I don’t make as much as before.

When baking Christmas fruitcakes I line baking tins with three layers, two parchment paper and one brown paper and depending how long the cake takes to bake, sometimes a newspaper collar round the outside of the tin. My mother did this with her fruit cakes and I continue the same today. An overdone fruitcake really does taste terrible.

Anyone else use cake testers?


Bought these spherical moulds years back and still love them for steaming Christmas puddings. This year didn’t need my last minute Christmas pudding recipe as I’m a little more organized. Handy to have a big pot and was able to steam the three puddings together. 

A baking favourite… sourdough bread. One of the many loaves baked over these past few months and a smaller dutch oven to bake it in as my other one was on the large size and not really suitable. It really is a joy to make bread.

Every now and then we love a boiled egg for breakfast with some toasted sourdough soldiers on the side. Couldn’t pass on these lovely wooden egg holders… a little different from the usual egg cup.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know I run a monthly ingredient challenge and one of the chosen ingredients was cauliflower, made this very tasty cauliflower, caramelised onion and goat cheese pizza from a Donna Hay magazine. Delicious alternative to a bread based pizza but my only grip… the kitchen didn’t smell as good.

Another monthly challenge was parsnips and this velvety smooth parsnip and apple soup tasted very festive indeed, with ingredients such as cider, cinnamon and nutmeg. Perfect soup for entertaining guests… this recipe was from the Soup for Syria cookbook. If I have time I may post this lovely recipe.

Thought I’d try this cake too that also included parsnips, ginger and candied peel, much the same as a carrot cake but for me not as moist. This time I didn’t make candied peel as I had bought some on my travels, We did enjoy the cake but carrot cake still wins. This recipe came from “A Year at Avoca” cookbook, nice to try something different for a change.

That about warps it up for me and I would like to thank Sherry for hosting the monthly “In My Kitchen” posts, which I love participating in.

The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry, from If you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s blog and check out all the other IMK participants. 

9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen December 2019

  1. hi moya
    thanks for joining in our last 2019 IMK. yes my mum always lined her christmas cake tin with several layers of brown paper. she and my sister and myself spent a couple of days preparing the fruit and nuts etc for it. then she fed it with sherry and rum and orange juice etc for a month or so.. so delish! Your sourdough looks wonderful. and i like the cute wooden egg holders. have a great christmas break. and see you in the new year. cheers sherry x


    1. You are welcome Sherry always a joy to join and thank you for hosting the “In My Kitchen” roundup each month 🙂


  2. Those parsnip dishes look better than I would expect. Some day I have to give parsnips a second chance!

    best… mae at


  3. There is some amazing food in your kitchen this Christmas season (and the pictures are great). Your boiled eggs with toast soldiers reminded me of my breakfasts when I was a child, they were a favorite and I don’t know why i don’t make them more often. We have moved to poached eggs rather than boiled but your sourdough would elevated any egg up the chart. Parsnips are hard come by here in the states, the ones I see in the store are old and have a very tough center. I’ve planted them in the garden next to the carrots and hope to have some more tender ones as they are a favorite. Have a wonderful holiday. I made mincemeat this year for the first time and am looking forward to using it in some new recipes.


    1. Thank you Liz and hope you have a lovely festive season and new year too 🙂 We love poached eggs too. Best of luck with growing parsnips I am sure they will taste wonderful.


  4. Moya, Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones. There are too many fantastic photos on your IMK post to comment on each one individually at this late hour so I’m going to conclude by saying: “I love them all!” Thanks for your tip on triple/quadruple wrapping fruitcake before baking, too — wise advice from your mother and you. Again, thanks and Happy New Year, xo!


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