Watermelon with Goats Cheese, Basil and Sweet Pickled Watermelon

Watermelon with Goats Cheese and Pickled Watermelon-2I had planned to put this watermelon recipe on my blog before traveling, but never managed to do so. It’s an easy refreshing salad and the only time-consuming part would be if you planned on using a melon baller to shape the watermelon. Continue reading

Salads to go with Grills

Salad of Green Beans with Freekeh and Tahini Dressing

I had only intended to take a short break, but somehow along the way it seems to have gotten extended. Travel, visitors, the garden, life, busy with bees, frozen shoulder and some procrastination are a few of the culprits. And while I haven’t gotten into posting new recipes, thought I would add some favorite salads from this blog to menu ideas, hopefully giving you a little food for thought. Continue reading

Thai Salad with Duck and Caramelized Fresh Pineapple

Thai Salad with Duck and Pineapple-7955I think I could almost live on salads, especially Thai salads. This spicyΒ Salad with Duck and Caramelized Pineapple is fresh, vibrant and with so many flavors on one plate there is no reason your taste buds could every be bored. Continue reading

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