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Bees and March

Swarm CellsBack tracking a few months as my beekeeping updates are a little behind. March began with swarm season in fully swing and a month that left me at times, feeling somewhat bewildered. Wondering if the swarm retrieved had the original queen or, virgin queen mentioned in the Bee’s and February post. What about the original hive? After a hive swarms, the remaining bees must have a new queen and lead her out on a successful mating flight in order to survive. Continue reading


Bees and February

Although we are in March, February was the wettest and coldest month recorded for many years. The styrofoam covers kept the beehives from getting soaked  when torrential rains lashed the island. With lots of moisture and cold in the atmosphere this was the first time I noticed condensation inside the hive. Continue reading

Spreading the Buzz about Bees

Wild Honeycomb/Frank Ryde/Sri Lanka

As a kid growing up in Ireland we lived in an old country house that honey bees were also drawn to. For many years they took up residence under a roof over a bathroom. I have clear memories of a bulging ceiling where wooden slats had parted slightly and honey would drip through. Back then I was more worried about getting stung and never gave a thought to what sweet stuff lay above or just how incredible these insects are. Continue reading

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