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Bees in July and August

bees on frame-2Since my last post on bees I’ve learned that unfortunately I have no control over where my bees forage for food, or when a farmer or home gardener sprays insecticides harmful to bees and other insects.  Last year I lost a hive… literally over night. Continue reading “Bees in July and August”

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Bees in May and June

brood frame-1553

Brood frame with open larva and capped brood 

During May I traveled but before leaving, made sure the hives were shaded and the covers weighed down should any high winds blow. Also left instructions for the containers surrounding the table legs the beehives rest on filled with water daily, in case ants visit and create havoc inside the hive. Continue reading “Bees in May and June”

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Bees and April

Queen Bees Young-2

April began with a bee puzzle… two queens on the outside of a hive! I was only aware queen bees leave the hive when swarming to start a new colony. Or, leave as a virgin queen on a mating flight (which happens in the air) before returning to their respective colony. For two days, both queens remained outside the hive, day and night… Continue reading “Bees and April”