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marshmallow top hats and gergaoun

Gergaoun falls on the 14th night of Ramadan and when my children were small they loved to celebrate the occasion! Dressed in their traditional clothes (jalabiya and thobe), they would excitedly head out to their Grandfathers home during the evening… with their empty Gergaoun bags clutched tightly in-hand.

Together with their cousins, the children would visit the many houses around the neighborhood, receiving gifts of nuts and sweets which filled their empty Gergaoun bags. When all the houses had been visited, the children would return to their Grandfathers home proudly displaying overflowing Gergaoun bags and bursting to tell a few stories on some naughty older cousins that would partake in a dare called ding-dong-dash… leaving the younger children red-faced to do all the explaining!  Older children would also parade around the neighborhood, entertaining children and adults with the popular mascot “Frasya” the horse-man, while beating drums and singing traditional songs.

As there was always quite a gathering of children and adults I usually contributed by making lots of little goodies for the occasion, cupcakes, small cakes, rice krispie buns, cookies and Marshmallow Top Hats! These sweet treats were always well received and my customary trays of goodies became a yearly tradition until… the children grew-up!

Marshmallow Top Hats are an old childhood sweet treat that my mother would make for our birthday parties, the squishy marshmallow with its chocolate chunk base and Smartie on top, always went down a treat! Making them for my own children’s parties and celebrations always proved popular. However, I did notice that some things never change... there is always that one kid who would make an attempt to pick all the colourful sweets from the top of the marshmallows…  usually having their attempts thwarted by some of the other party goers!

The recipe is super easy to make and young children will eagerly help with placing the marshmallows into the melted chocolate and sticking the colourful Smarties on top… usually avoiding the brown coloured ones!  When packed individually into pretty little colourful gift boxes for Gergaoun or other celebrations, these Marshmallow Top Hats make a delightful sweet treat for children!

Marshmallow Top Hats


  • milk chocolate (your favourite brand), melted
  • marshmallows
  • colourful sweets of your choice

You will need small colourful paper cases for sweets

How to make: Place a teaspoon of melted chocolate into each paper case ( however many you are using) and place a marshmallow on top, gently pushing the marshmallow down into the chocolate.

Place a small dot of melted chocolate on the top of each marshmallow, then place a colourful sweet on top. Store in the fridge (covered) or in a cool place until the chocolate has set before serving.

Enjoy your kids when they are small… they quickly grow-up!   Have you got any Marshmallow memories?

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the perfect package

A beautiful gift box with home-baked goods or chocolates inside is always appreciated and a great way to share the “love and appreciation of food” with others! At times I love to give home-baked goods as gifts to family and friends and I find they are always very well received! There are many occasion where home-baked goods are given as gifts and presented in beautiful packaging, especially during the holiday seasons, birthday parties, baby showers and engagements. Why wait for big events… make every day special!

Visiting a friend or family member after a morning of baking is a good enough reason to pop some freshly baked goodies into a gift box to take along… so I always keep a little supply of assorted gift boxes and packaging at home simply for that reason! No placing my home-baked goods on boring dull plastic plates and covering them with foil when I have the choice of some beautiful packaging instead! These cute colourful boxes photographed on this post are hand-made by The Perfect Package in Bahrain and are made to order.

When entertaining at home I always enjoy laying the table with the appropriate items and hopefully creating an inviting ambiance that will also complement the food being served. To add a splash of colour and change the overall look and mood of a simple laid table… place small colourful gift boxes (home-made chocolate truffles inside would be nice) on each of your guests place setting. Not only will your table look fabulous… your guests will be oohing and aahing over their surprise gifts! Of course you are only limited by your imagination as to what you could put inside these cute boxes so I will leave that for you to decide!

Do your home-baked gifts a favour and dress them up beautifully… with the Perfect Package!