Spreading the Buzz about Bees

Wild Honeycomb/Frank Ryde/Sri Lanka

As a kid growing up in Ireland we lived in an old country house that honey bees were also drawn to. For many years they took up residence under a roof over a bathroom. I have clear memories of a bulging ceiling where wooden slats had parted slightly and honey would drip through. Back then I was more worried about getting stung and never gave a thought to what sweet stuff lay above or just how incredible these insects are.


Dwarf Bees-Bahrain-7308
Dwarf Bees-Bahrain

Roll on the years and beekeeping is something that’s been on my mind for sometime. For as long as we have lived in our home, baby/dwarf honey bees have been part of our garden and quietly go about their daily routine. One particular stormy day brought one of these hives crashing to the ground and by the time I noticed what had happened, most of the bees had taken flight… that was the moment I wanted to learn more.

If you are an experienced bee keeper then you will know how important it is to read and learn as much about bees, join a club, take a course or even find a mentor before you start. Beekeeping is not something you decide in a day… this is where my mentor came in.

Beekeeping with the locals at Wilaththawa, Chilaw in Sri Lanka
Frank Ryde with the local at Wilaththawa, Chilaw_Sri Lanka

Frank Ryde has been working with bees since he was fifteen years of age and his passion for bees came from his father who was a beekeeper. Previously a resident of Bahrain, Frank visits the island regularly and was eager to part with his knowledge and share these photographs. Although Frank is very comfortable around bees, he doesn’t always were his bee suit and is happy to receive the odd sting or two.

Frank also believes in bee sting therapy which is said to help with arthritis and some other aliments. Of course, a bee suite is always recommended to protect yourself from getting stung when working with bees. As my new-found hobby grows I hope to share my experiences and spread awareness about these amazing insects and hopefully give a little back to our eco system.

Waterfront Estate- Sri Lanka_Frank RydeJoseph Vaz School, WennapuwaFrank is undertaking a project in Sir Lanka and building a resort called the Waterfront Estate at Wilaththawa, Chilaw. Having already visited Sir Lanka,  know how lush and green this beautiful country is. Giving back to the community, Frank is spreading his passion for bees and beekeeping to the village locals, teaching and giving lectures about the importance of these sweet pollinators. He also operates some tours around the Sri Lanka for visitor to the island.

At Joseph Vaz boys College in Wennapuwa, 400 students came forward for a beekeeping class. Two hundred students were chosen as the land surrounding their house was suitable for keeping bee boxes. The more you delve into the world of bees you realize how fascinating they are and a world without bees would be quite sad indeed. Did you know that one-third of the worlds crops are dependent on honeybees for pollination?

If you would like to get in touch with Frank Ryde his mobile is (+973) 38884362 or email

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  1. Thank you Frank, hope your Bee project is still going well in Sri Lanka. Wishing your family the very best too 🙂


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