The Hive and World HoneyBee Day

The Hive at Kew Gardens-8209From a distance “The Hive” installation at Kew Gardens represents a swarm of bees. Step inside and the multi-sensory elements of the structure responds in real-time to vibrations and sounds from within a beehive. LED lights in “The Hive” light up and flicker as bees communicate with one another. Sounds amplified from within “The Hive” are accompanied by orchestral music… a pretty amazing way to connect us with bees. Created by artist Wolfgang Buttress, highlighting the plight of honeybees and importance of pollination.

And, as it’s World Bee Day in the States, thought this a good excuse to post. Did buy the BeOne CD, relaxing music and lovely to listen to if bee’s are your interest. You can listen to a track from the BeOne CD and an interview with artist Wolfgang Buttress on “The Hive” at Kew gardens. Both interesting and worth a few minutes of your time.
Queen Bee inside a beehive-1584As a hobbyist beekeeper I have learned much over these past months and gotten a few stings in the process. At the moment our extremely hot and humid summer is tough on the bees and keeping a source of water nearby is of great importance, as is shade from the scorching sun and ventilating the hive. Keeping fingers crossed! Took this photo a few months ago when inspecting the beehive. It’s always reassuring to spot the Queen and see tiny (not great at spotting those) eggs. Without the Queen, the colony of bees will not survive. Let’s hope the bee’s are managing to keep her cool this summer and tend to her every  need.

If bees are not your thing you can make something sweet like these crème brûlée shooters with home-made honeycomb or make lavender honeycomb butter to serve with fresh warm scones. Keep a bottle of honey mustard dressing in your fridge for salads throughout  the week. And if you feel like pampering yourself, try this homemade chamomile and honey mask to slather over your face, then sit back and relax… maybe even listen to the BeOne CD. Feeling under the weather and need a little pick-me-up, try a honey and lemon hot toddy. Happy Bee Day 🙂

Comments are much appreciated :)

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