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In My Kitchen January 2021

Christmas Cookie Tree_Cookie Cutters

I do hope the new year 2021 has started well for you all, despite grim news on this continuing pandemic. Who knows what is ahead but I do wish you health and happiness whatever part of the world you reside in. Can’t say I was sorry to see 2020 pass as in the latter part of the year, we lost some lovely people close to us and our friends. Sadly, all before their time, Helen, Lynne and Sharon you shall be greatly missed but never forgotten.

The festive season has passed but managed a few photos for the “In My Kitchen” posts hosted by Sherry. And, if you have followed these posts you already know the community of other blogger who join in and showcase their kitchens treasures too.

In My Kitchen…

For many years I have baked fruit cakes for Christmas but these past few years I find they have become less popular and it just seems a waste making them. So this year, broke with tradition and made a shortbread Christmas cookie tree which everyone loved. I already had a large cookie set but had ordered a smaller set of star cookie cutters well before Christmas. Covid post made sure they arrived a week after Christmas. Either way, I am all set for next Christmas baking endeavours. They do look quite impressive and very festive. Of course you can go to town on decoration and ice each cookie, but much preferred a simple version.

food hamper


A lovely Christmas hamper from a friend all packed into a cute wicker basket enjoyed over the festive season. Still enjoying my teas.

prawn cocktail 

We love an old classic pawn cocktail and one of the dishes served at Christmas, along with beetroot cured salmon, also a family favorite. These pretty handmade festive themed plates get an airing every year and are back in the cupboard for now.

fresh vegetables

A box of fresh organic produce from a local farm called Roots and Shoots, the summer squash was delicious when roasted. The zucchini blossoms ended up on a homemade pizza, didn’t have time or the ingredients to stuff them as they do not stay fresh long.

dog photo

Introducing the new addition to our family who has been with us for few months. Our daughters new pet Chico…looking quite dapper with his new festive bow. He also loves the kitchen and is quite a little foodie. 

The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry and if you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s blog  at Sherryspickings and check out other IMK participants.

4 thoughts on “In My Kitchen January 2021

  1. Your cookie tree is really impressive. I agree that simple and un-iced cookies make a very effective visual effect. I bet they were delicious, too!

    Have a wonderful year in 2021 — I hope it’s better than 2020, for the whole world.

    be safe… mae at


  2. oh my chico is gorgeous. as are the pretty green plates. oh yes i love a prawn cocktail. i must buy some prawns as i didn’t get around to it at christmas and that’s the only time i buy them. i agree about fruit cakes. i gave up on them years ago but i do make a coffee and chocolate fruit cake some years as i did recently. delish! thanks for joining in with IMK, and happy new year.

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