In My Kitchen November 2022

Hello November, you have appeared so fast? Soon time to think about Christmas and all the preparation that it brings. Thankfully here in Bahrain we are now beginning to enjoy our weather friendly season and spend time outdoors…sorry to those of you freezing in other parts of the globe.

Although I don’t always blog in a timely fashion, managed to save a few photos for this months “In My Kitchen” blog post. Recently I travelled and although I do make promises (to myself) about not accumulating more stuff, a few small items did make their way into my suitcase.

In My Kitchen this November…

At mealtimes when setting the table in my kitchen I have various small vases for fresh flowers and bougainvillea (from our garden), the green Murano glass vase I acquired when visiting the small island of Murano in Italy where the glass is made.

Although it might not be everyones taste, made a simple plate of spaghetti with a caper and anchovy sauce, this pasta dish was also made for my ingredient challenge over on Instagram. I love table runners and use them often, thought the one printed with anchovies quite pretty. 

You may have seen my previous in my kitchen post and noticed the mention of a digestif maturing for forty-four days. Love the orange and coffee notes and a perfect after-dinner drink for the upcoming festive season. Would make a wonderful gift too. 

Visiting a small kitchen shop noticed these small drinking glasses with a pretty etched design, the owner of the shop mentioned they were antiques brought in from the old ladies of Rome, whom often left items for sale in her shop. Perfect small digestif servers.  

The gorgeous bouquet of flowers from a sweet visitor and, how pretty presented on top of a pumpkin. Once the flowers withered, the pumpkin was turned into a big pot of soup…don’t worry I’m still alive.

This time of year we have many dates in our store cupboard which we use throughout the year. We do enjoy them as they are but also use with various recipes and who can resist a sticky toffee pudding. Although I mostly use digital kitchen scales, I do love the vintage look of these old-fashioned scales.

My lovely daughter brought back various biscuits and different roasted coffee beans from her travels, which are well gone by now. We do enjoy coffee and a sweet treat in our household. 

And lastly, a wooden container to keep small steamed potatoes warm for serving with a raclette dinner…one of my favorite ways of enjoying melted cheese. 

If you would like to know more about this community of “ In My Kitchen” bloggers who love sharing their kitchen treasures, please check out the link below.The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry and her blog is at Sherryspickings  where you will also find a list of other IMK participants joining in.

3 thoughts on “In My Kitchen November 2022

  1. Those are very lovely little collectibles that make your table so pretty. I like the idea of anchovies on the tablecloth, not just in the pasta.
    best… mae at


  2. I love the potato warmer! how cute. and yes i love the look of those scales but digital are easier, aren’t they? I adore the flowers in the pumpkin, and that gorgeous glass vase. Thanks so much for joining in Moya.


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