In My Kitchen January 2023

IMK Jan 2023-7

Happy New Year everyone and wish you health and good times for the year ahead. Even though blog posts are sparse, thank you for being part of my blogging world, your visits and comments are always greatly appreciated. Also, look forward to joining the “In My Kitchen”community whenever I have some spare time which seems less these days.  Sherry is still hosting so if you are new to this blog you might want to join in, details are found at the end of this post.

We are well into the first week of January and time to put all the festive decorations, linens, cutlery and tableware away until December next. Once this is done and visitors have now left, the house seems rather empty and quiet. 

A few items In My Kitchen…

Bought this festive pottery Christmas tree from Nom Living,  already have a few pieces of their stoneware pottery dishes which I love. Also, some of my favorite cake decorations that come out every year. The shortbread biscuits were shop bought and the gorgeous festive baking paper underneath is from Zara home.

I travelled before Christmas and brought back some of our favorite raclette cheese ( Jumi and Kappacassein from Borough Market) to enjoy once all the festivities were over. The cheese was portioned and vacuum packed with my very noisy vacuum sealer and then stored in the freezer to enjoy later.  Also, bought this pre-packed fondue mix by Jumi cheese which we enjoyed the other night..I only have the box left.  All I needed do was put the contents of the packet into the fondue pot, then heat, melt and eat with pieces of sourdough bread. The mix had everything in the packet, a mix of two cheeses mentioned on the top lid of the box, the wine and cornflour were also mixed in with the grated cheese…really handy and so very tasty.

IMK Jan 2023-5

Delighted with the many lemons on our tree this year and we have found that if left on the tree to turn completely yellow, most will be destroyed by an insect that burrows into the skin, causing the lemons to rot quickly. So rather than use insecticide spray, we picked them. The lemons were already quite large and juicy, gave some to friends and preserved some for later use. 

IMK Jan 2023-9

Now that I have some quiet time, look forward to delving into these new cookbooks,  Avoca at Home and Cinnamon and Salt by Emiko Davis.

Until next post, have a great January 🙂

If you would like to know more about this community of “ In My Kitchen” bloggers who love sharing their kitchen treasures, please check out the link below. The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry and her blog is at Sherryspickings  where you also find a list of other IMK participants joining in.

10 thoughts on “In My Kitchen January 2023

  1. Ready-made fondue sounds lovely, as do your other new kitchen things. Have a good year in 2023.

    best… mae at


  2. hi Moya, thanks for joining us! wow time is flying by already. Jan 10 – how is that possible? 🙂 It’s great to preserve your lemons. Our Tassie friends sometimes bring up organic ones from their tree, so I have plenty to salt away (literally). Now i am in 2 cookbook clubs, I buy even more books. EEk, my shelves are groaning but i do love ’em. Take care and have a great year. cheers!


    1. Wow Sherry, two cookbook clubs, you are a busy bee. I love cookbooks too and so many to choose from these days. Have a great


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