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Avocado Pistachio Pâté with Melba Toast

Avocado Pistachio Pate with Melba Toast-7760This rustic pâté is an all-time favorite of ours and I’ve been making it forever. I always keep a few avocados stored in the refrigerator as we tend to use them often in various salads, sandwiches and on occasions, smoothies. And of course, who doesn’t love guacamole. Continue reading

Oat Porridge with Coconut Milk, Raspberries and Pistachios

PorridgeBreakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and sadly many of us opt for a large mug of coffee or tea, or nothing at all when rushing to work. I have noted my children (who work) do this on many occasions 😦  They are getting better and my nagging seems to be working… sometimes! Porridge is an easy breakfast dish to prepare and depending on which type of oats you use, this wholesome and nutritional dish can be made in minutes.

Large, medium and quick cooking oats are my preferred oats for making porridge and I keep steel-cut oats for my brown bread recipes.  According to Harold McGee, his paragraph (Food and Cooking page 471) on the processing of oats, he writes; “The whole groats are then processed into various shapes, all of which  have the same nutritional value”. Good to know. Continue reading

Date and Banana Dessert with Pecans

Date and Banana-0246Living on an island of date palms, and having date palms in our garden, an almost endless supply of these sweet delicious morsels of fruit are available from one season to the next. In its simplest form dates are delicious just as they are, but quite heavenly when paired with different flavours and ingredients such as vanilla, citrus, chocolate, dairy products, nuts and certain spices. This super easy desert with dates and bananas soaked in fresh cream is not overly sweet, but enough to satisfy that sweet craving after a meal.

Nutmeg adds an aromatic sweetness and another dimension of flavour to this dessert and is best when freshly grated. I keep whole nutmeg stored in a special nutmeg mill and freshly grind when required. This desserts is best made two to three hours before serving, the flavours need to develop and the dates soak up some of the cream. The bananas do not discolor during this time, so no need to add any lemon juice. Use bananas that are firm with no brown spots on their skins. Fresh and dried dates can be used for this dessert but choose soft plump dates when buying dried ones. Continue reading

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